"The Best Student", along with the clinical profession, wants to be engaged in research
"The Best Student", along with the clinical profession, wants to be engaged in research

On March 19, Yerevan State Economic University summed up the results of the "Best Student" republican award ceremony. Liana Hayrapetyan, a junior research fellow at the Neurology Laboratory, a 6th year student in YSMU became the winner.
We talked to YSMU's best student about her progress, scientific and social activity.

- This year you have been recognized as the best student. How do you feel about this honorable title? Did you expect to get the reward?
- I consciously applied to the competition. So I was kind of ready to get the reward. There was a serious competition between the students. Even at last point I was not sure, how it will turn out. Of course, it was very pleasant, especially when you feel appreciated for your work done through long time period.
-Why did you decide to choose the doctor's path? Was it a childhood dream for you?
-When I was asked what I wanted to become in future, I always answered a cardiologist, even at the age of five. People were amazed because I am not from doctor’s family but I had been saying a professional word so far. And it turned out that I was constantly dealing with doctors, going to hospitals, seeing medical life, working on how to communicate with patients, inspiriting them, and ultimately bringing some results. I liked all that, so I without any doubt decide to apply for YSMU.
- Which branch of medical science is more precious to you? What specialization do you want to choose next year?
-It is quite hard question to answer, I hope that I will definitely decide in a few months, but probably a therapeutic profession. The important thing is to be able to do research work alongside with the clinical profession.

- Tell us please a little bit about university life. Is it interesting to learn in YSMU?
- I do not want to generalize, I think every student makes their life interesting themselves. Anyway, I do not regret about the years I spent. For me, I have created an environment and I can say that I really enjoyed student life.

-What can you tell us about your academic and social activity.
- From the second year I have become a member of a student scientific society. I have been active in social activities too. I have been a coordinator of student groups for two years. I have been the head of Student Scientific Society. During those years, I realized that the science component in medicine is vital, and I began to integrate into different research groups. Now I'm concentrated on scientific part rather than on social and now I'm a junior researcher at the University Neurology Laboratory.

- What do people need to be a good doctor?
It is difficult to mention specific characteristics, it mostly depends on the profession. If you are constantly communicating with the patients, you need to be confident that the patients believe in you, trust you, follow your advice, and do not doubt your professional skills. And to be a good doctor it is important to use the right literature as there are various sources of materials, look for the right literature and continue to develop yourselves. Don’t believe in everything, simply have critical thinking in what you are reading.

Interview by Arpine Tovmasyan