For YSMU Danish interns Armenia is like home
For YSMU Danish interns Armenia is like home

Mia and Katrine are from University of Copenhagen. 25 and 26-year-old students chose Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi to do their field work as a part of their Master thesis. Girls are studying Master in human nutrition.

While telling about their decision to do a 6-week internship in Armenia, Katrine says: “Actually in our university there was a meeting called “Lunch with the professors”. And at this meeting two professors from Yerevan State Medical University came in and had a speech. And then we thought: “maybe there was an opportunity to go to YSMU and be a part of a project or do an internship. So we wrote an e-mail to professor Armen Mkrtchyan, and he said that we could come”. 

Sharing their impressions from Armenia and its capital, Mia notes that Yerevan is so different from Copenhagen. “That’s why we loved it so much. The streets, the culture are amazing. I don’t think a lot of Scandinavians hear about Armenia or go to Armenia. So to hear about it now is amazing. We will, for sure, tell our friends about our experience here”, - she adds.  “I really liked the Armenian culture, Armenian people from the very beginning. We loved Armenian barbeque and lavash, as well as dolma. It’s like being home. I know I inspired a lot of my friends to come to Armenia. And I would like to come back one day again, just as a tourist to go out in the nature”, smiles Katrine.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Author: Tatevik Ghazaryan