Admission for foreign citizens

Call for applications for the 2018-2019 academic year (paid education) at Yerevan State Medical University


Entrance requirements

Applicants to Yerevan State Medical University must have secondary or secondary professional education. The applicant is enrolled in the 1st year of the study having successfully passed two of the following entrance test exams (based on applicant’s choice): Physics, Chemistry, Biology. The exams are conducted within the framework of the secondary school exam program. Those applicants not possessing the language of instruction or having failed the entrance examinations may be enrolled in the preparatory year program based on interview results.






Duration of the study

Tuition per annum for those studying in English (represented in Armenian dram)

University Education



General Medicine

6 years

2 400 000


5 years

2 400 000


5 years

1 600 000

Premedical Department

1 year

1 000 000


  • The duration of studies in the clinical residency is 1-4 years depending on the specialty.
  • The tuition of the international clinical residents goes as follows: for international citizens graduated from YSMU – 2 400 000 AMD per annum; international citizens graduated from other universities – 2 900 000 AMD per annum.
  • Information on daily exchange rate is available at the webpage of the Central Bank of Armenia. Follow the link
  • The annual tuition remains unchanged for the whole period of education.
  • Accommodation is provided at the University Hostel. The fee per month (per bed) is 20 000 AMD. Hostel room houses 2 or 3 persons.
  • The student shall be insured every year by the Medical Insurance Company cooperating with the University throughout his/her academic years. The annual cost of insurance package is 72 000 AMD.
  • A contract between the student and the university must be compiled.
  • In exceptional cases the tuition of international students can as well be defined in accordance with contracts signed with them.



Required documents

  1. Application to the RA Minister of Education and Science
  2. Application Form (download)
  3. Medical record detailing the health state of the applicant. The record may be given by any medical organization in RA.
  4. Copy of passport or birth certificate (including all pages that have a mark or stamp)
  5. High School Diploma and its copy
  6. Six (6) passport-sized photos (4x6)
  7. Autobiography
  8. Applicants applying for the post-graduate professional education should submit a scientific report on a chosen specialty topic. The scientific report should not exceed 20 pages and may be written in Armenian, Russian or English.


  • The copies of the school documents shall be notarized and the original High School Diploma shall be endorsed with an Apostille if the applicant is a citizen of a country acceded to the Apostille Convention. If the applicant’s country has not acceded to the Apostille Convention, the applicant shall authenticate the original High School Diploma in the Embassy/Consulate of the Republic of Armenia to the given country. If there is no Embassy/Consulate of RA in the applicant’s country the High School Diploma shall be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA.


  • Attention to the Indian applicants!



According to the decision of the Government of India and the Medical Council of India (MCI), as well as  the Press Note posted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 22 February 2018:, NEET qualification is mandatory for  Indian applicants applying to overseas universities for MBBS course. Hence, Yerevan State Medical University announces that admission to YSMU is not permitted without having NEET qualification.

For more detailed information about YSMU admission procedure and NEET qualification you can apply to Dr. Daljeet Singh Chauhan, the President of YSMU Indian Alumni Association & Representative of YSMU. Address: D-136, 2nd floor, Armenia str., Anand Niketan, New Delhi-110021, India; Contact: +91-(011)2411201, +91-9810988669 (mobile); E-mail:

Information for Indian applicants is also available

The procedure for submitting the required documents 

Applicants shall submit their documents to the embassy or consulates of the Republic of Armenia in the given country. All the required documents may also be sent via post to RA Ministry of Education and Science.

Address of YSMU: RA, Yerevan 0025, Koryun 2
Tel.: +37410 560 594
Fax: +37410 529 605


Deadlines for application submission and entrance examinations 


Application deadline: August 20, 2018.
Admission to Premedical Department: November 1, 2018.
Admission exams for the first year are held within the period 25.08.2018-31.08.2018.


The graduates of General Medicine faculty are awarded the qualification of MD Physician. Specialization: General Medicine.

The qualification Doctor of Stomatology is conferred to the graduates of Stomatology faculty. Specialization: Stomatology. 

The graduates of the Pharmacy faculty acquire a qualification of Master of Pharmacy.
Specialization: Pharmacy.
Admission Committee