EU conference on the future of the medical profession

On 18 March, the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM), with support of the Portuguese Academy of Medicine, will organize a digital conference focused on the future of the medical profession, from the training of young professionals to the challenges on the integration of academic medicine in medical practice.

In this conference focused on medical training, Professor Fausto Pinto (Portuguese Academy of Medicine) will look at “the facing change of medicine in the next 10 years”, while Professor Stefan Constantinescu (Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium and Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences) will dive into the topic of “the integration of academic medicine in medical practice”.

There will be an open discussion on “What kind of doctor do we want for the future?” with professors and students from around Europe.

The conference will be organised under the seal of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council 2021. Join this discussion and register for the event, here. Know more about the speakers, here.