Famous american-armenian doctor Eric Esrailian and California University rector Jin Block visit YSMU
Famous american-armenian doctor Eric Esrailian and California University rector Jin Block visit YSMU

In the YSMU main building, Armenian and foreign students, alongside the professors and lecturers, have enthusiastically greeted the famous armenian-american doctor, co-director of the UCLA Medical college after David Geffen, producer of “Promise”, a Hollywood film telling about the Armenian genocide, doctor Eric Esrailian, and UCLA Rector, biologist and academic, Jinn Block. Their visit to YSMU was opened by a group photo with the students, after which the guests, accompanied by Rector Armen Muradyan walked around the center of stomatological education, got acquainted with the technologies of the newly opened building.

Our acclaimed armenian asked about the centers activity, watched the class process of the students.

After that, in the rectorate hall the students got the opportunity to ask questions to Eric Esrailian and Jin Block.

YSMU Rector Armen Muradyan noted that it was a great honor for the institution to have the representatives of UCLA, where he himself got to be the previous year thanks to the support from Eric Esrailian. The director of the institution put great importance in realization of joint projects, and the discussion of further cooperation.

YSMU career center director Khachatur Margaryan presented the guests with a report, which told in short about the history, activity and further plans of YSMU. Eric Esrailian noted that he was impressed by the acceptance of YSMU, and that it was an honor for him, both as an Armenian and a doctor, to be present at the university. The point of his and his colleagues visit was the development of cooperation in the educational field, to share ideas and initiatives.

Esrailian was elected member of Armenian General Benevolent Unions central directorial administration in 2016. He is a member of a number of different administration, including the Californian health administration. The students asked many questions to Esrailian. “People sometimes ask me “How did I manage to do all this, aren’t you a doctor?”, to which I answer “That’s because I’m a doctor”- said Esrailian in answer to a question about his profession.

Speaking about the profession of a doctor, he noted that being a doctor is an advantage, since it gives the ability not to think about getting some status, but to serve people. To the question whether his choice of becoming a doctor had any relation to the fact of one of the main characters in “Promise” also being a doctor, he a answered that he had always wanted to become a doctor. According to him, it’s the profession that helps people, and that’s what both him and his family have always wanted.

Jinn Block also shared his impression. According to the UCLA Rector, they have many Armenian students in their university, and it was very interesting and pleasant for him to visit the students homeland. After the meeting, which took place in the administrative building of the university, the guests visited the rehabilitation center for defenders of Fatherland. They were acquainted with the centers history and social importance, communicated with the boys.

Let us note that the guests were invited by the President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan. During the three day visit, the guests will visit different educational establishments, discuss the realization of joint educational and charity plans. Eric Esrailian and Jinn Block will also visit the Tsitsernakaberd complex to pay their respects to the victims of the Armenian genocide.