October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day
October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day is observed every year on October 20th. The day is dedicated to raising awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease in which the density and strength of the bone are reduced. Osteoporosis affects over 200 million people in the world. This is according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation. Because of its prevalence, osteoporosis is considered a significant public health concern.

According to statistics, one in every three women over 50 years of age suffer an osteoporotic fracture. One in five men also face the same risk but only around 20 percent of osteoporosis patients are lucky to be diagnosed and treated.

There is no cure for osteoporosis. Once bone loss occurs, it’s not possible to get it back. This is why prevention is the best medicine. One of the best ways to prevent osteoporosis is to get adequate amounts of calcium.

The United Kingdom’s National Osteoporosis Society launched World Osteoporosis Day on October 20th, 1996. The International Osteoporosis Foundation has supported the day since 1997.

The World Health Organization (WHO) acted as co-sponsor of World Osteoporosis Day in 1998 and 1999. Today, national osteoporosis patient societies host events in over 90 countries throughout the world.