The best 6 years of Indian graduate’s life were spent at YSMU
The best 6 years of Indian graduate’s life were spent at YSMU

“Yerevan State Medical University family never made me feel that I was not at my home or with my family”, YSMU graduate, an active member of the Student Parliament, a future orthopaedist Prabhjot Singh shares his difficult and interesting story.

Prabhjot is an Indian National born at Indian city named Faridabad, currently he lives at Chandigarh, India. He has graduated from YSMU, Faculty of General Medicine, 3 years ago - in 2018.

25-year-old graduate says that, actually, choosing medical profession was not his personal decision: his family made him choose it. “But YSMU played key role in making me a doctor. I wanted to choose banking and finance as my profession but at the end what matters is your destiny because sometimes not everything is in your hands, and not everything happens the way you think. Now I’m in love with my profession – medicine”, Prabhjot emphasizes.

He came to know about YSMU when he went to write another Indian entrance exam after graduating from school. “Later on, I went ahead to search more about YSMU through Internet and via some contacts provided by official representative of YSMU in India. I found that someone from my high school is studying at YSMU, then, I flooded her Facebook messenger with my queries about YSMU. She answered all my queries, and then I realised that joining YSMU would be a good decision. Till date the best 6 years of my life are the ones which I have spent at YSMU”, he assures.

Continuing his story, Prabhjot remembers that when he landed in Armenia on the 2nd of September, 2012, he was really scared because it was a foreign land and he had never stayed away from parents. “But the people of Armenia are really kind-hearted and humble. Within couple of days all my worries about staying in Armenia had faded away. Yerevan is one of the best places where I have ever stayed. I have visited many places outside Yerevan, and always it was an amazing experience to visit new places and to meet new people. In Armenia I had many Armenian friends. It was only possible because the local people are so sweet that one would love to interact with them. Now, I can proudly say that Armenia is my 2nd home”, YSMU graduate adds.

Prabhjot reaffirms the fact that education at YSMU is of international standard. “Many people in India think that foreign medical graduates don’t have clinical skills but that’s not the case with YSMU graduates. I can say that YSMU has trained us in all the clinical and theoretical spheres of medicine and life. YSMU’s state of art Simulator centre and the summer practical skills sessions are worth of attendance for any medical student. As I have already mentioned above, Armenia is my 2nd home, so I would love to stay and work in Armenia. Armenia provides a proper work life balance which is quite difficult to find in any other part of the world”, Prabhjot notes.

For a doctor, he continues, having a compassionate heart and keeping balance between emotional and professional aspect of patient care is of utmost importance. “A doctor should never stop studying because medical science is getting updated with every passing day. If a doctor thinks that he knows everything, then it would be the biggest blunder committed. If you have enough knowledge and good clinical skills, success will certainly run behind you and will automatically reach your door”, YSMU graduate assures.

Prabhjot advices young doctors to remember one thing: “One day you are going to be standing between life and death of someone. Always study by keeping this thing in mind. I don’t mean that one should study 24*7 because human mind needs relaxation and recreation too. For example, I was going for a drive or when I was in Yerevan, I used to keep myself engaged with co-curricular activities of Students’ Parliament and Embassy of India to Armenia. These co-curricular activities played a key role in relaxation of my mind”.

Concluding his story, Prabhjot paid his sincere vote of thanks to each and every member of YSMU family and the family of Embassy of India to Armenia. “Because of YSMU family I’m a Doctor”, he adds.


Author: Tatevik Ghazaryan