Yerevan State Medical University is a partner university in MINERVA project (STRENGTHENING RESEARCH MANAGEMENT AND OPEN SCIENCE CAPACITIES OF HEIS IN MOLDOVA AND ARMENIA) which was launched in January 2019.

The main aim of MINERVA is to develop conditions for the implementation of the core principles of Open Science at universities in Moldova and Armenia. The Project specific objectives are threefold:

  1. To advance national and institutional guidelines, policies, and incentives related to the open science in Moldova and Armenia.
  2. To establish digital repositories at all partner HEIs in Moldova and Armenia and to foster their infrastructural development and interoperability.
  3. To build human research capacities in order to ensure the sustainable implementation of open science principles and enhance the social inclusiveness and accountability of publicly-funded research. 

Open science, open innovation, and openness to the world are set as one of the main research and innovation strategies in the European Research Area (ЕRA). Open science provides an effective framework for the enhancement of research transparency, dissemination, collaborations, and accountability.

The academic community in Moldova and Armenia has recognized the importance and advantages of open science principles which is manifested through the numerous initiatives undertaken by the government bodies, faculties, libraries, NGOs, and journal publishers. However, in the absence of coordination, compromise on standards, and a solid legislative support, these initiatives seem isolated and ineffective from the global point of view.

MINERVA will harmonize the management of university research potentials and foster regional cooperation in the Eastern Partnership Countries converging with EU developments in higher education sector.