Armenia Center for Translational Research on Chronic Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Neuroscience Initiative on Maintaining Healthy Brain



Among its long-term objectives in science Yerevan State Medical University strives to establish a Brain Research Excellence Center for studying the prevention of chronic brain disorders and maintaining healthy ageing of the brain throughout lifespan. The elaborated comprehensive plan to achieve research excellence and sustain national competitiveness in brain research involves a number of necessary elements among them COBRAIN is the crucial starting point.  

The direct objective of COBRAIN is to enhance the research and innovation capacity of the University through strengthening the field of brain research with a special emphasis on neuroprotective cell-based and drug therapies of brain disorders. 

By getting closer to the expertise of Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen, Ruhr University Bochum and Lund University the project will address sub-objectives for establishing neuroscience research structure, investing in early stage researchers, broadening research career opportunities, building innovation capacity, increasing the visibility of the University. 

The COBRAIN leading partners will provide the crucial knowledge and skills to the University to be able to address drug delivery and to assess compound efficacy in comprehensive animal models of neurodegenerative disorders. COBRAIN is in line with the “WIDESPREAD-03-2018 TWINNING” specific challenges related to bridging the networking gaps between the institutions of associate countries and leading EU counterparts to improve the competitiveness of the research institutions with low performance and achieve a better balance in the quality of research between them. 

COBRAIN will boost the scientific collaboration activities of the University and advance its human resources and methodological capacities to build excellence and innovation in fundamental and translational neuroscience research.