University Hostels are located in a district, only a few miles away from the YSMU, from where the university clinical facilities are easily reached within 10-15 minutes. The hostels house students regardless of sex, age, nationality, religion and ethnic diversity. The facilities bring together students from various academic years and medical-related fields.

The hostels provide spaces for various activities such as reading, watching television, etc. Accommodations include rooms with up to three beds; the WCs (bathroom units) and the shower cubicles are located at both sides of the floors. There are two laundry rooms and a communal kitchen. The ground floors of the hostels feature amenities such as convenient dining hall with the morning free breakfast, television lounges, computer clusters with Internet access available for students for free. All dormitory rooms are furnished with the necessary utilities.

Dormitory room rental rates go as follows:

Per room fee for the dormitory N 1: 60.000 AMD (per month (up to three people))
Per room fee for the dormitory N 2: 45.000 AMD (per month (up to three people))

Address: 10 David Anhaght St., 0069, Yerevan, Armenia, «Zeytun» Students' dormitory No. 1 and No. 2
Tel.: (+37410) 24 49 30