For almost a century our mission has been to prepare highly educated and professional doctors to impact the world. We put a key on research and development of medicine as a science, as well as on our student’s practical knowledge. We believe that investing in our students strongly contributes to the development of healthcare system.


Having expertise and experience of 100 years behind, we want to open up boundaries and use our potential to become a world class university. We already have a lot of international students, who are beloved part of our YSMU community. We want to become a center, where young minds can come up with revolutionary ideas in sphere of medicine.
Everyone’s contribution is highly appreciated in this development stage.



  • Forward looking approach
    We expect our students to be innovative to see new approaches and opportunities. It is important for students to be creative in the process of research. As well, our faculty is open to new ideas and is ready to help with student’s projects.
  • Honesty
    Academic integrity is essential to achieve high results. We want our students to take a lot from university and first of all they should be honest to themselves. Cheating is not a subject in our community.
  • Professionalism
    Everything we do is in a professional level starting from the way our lectures are done to our practical classes. We want our students to see the importance of their actions and keep in mind that professionalism can save lots of lives.
  • Support
    It is in the core of our University to support each other. It is true about both student-student and student-professor communication. We acknowledge that one can achieve targeted results faster and with bigger efficiency if that person does not work alone. Our community ensures that everyone should possess a chance to do something great and we are ready to help with anything necessary.