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Russian Electronic Library «Ihtioteka." Here you can find thousands of resources in English and in Russian.

The first Armenian scientific information portal. It provides a free access to databases on RA scientific organizations, scientific publications and scientist, as well as analytical data and elaborations related to scientific information.

SpringerLink database, which includes the latest and popular medical literature.It is available in the Republican scientific medical library of RA

Library Genesis - 3 million e-books on the online library

Academic Joy: virtual intermediary between beginner and established scholars and university scientific search system

AcademicEarth: the best online lectures

OpenScholar: Academic website

Academicroom, scientific activity in virtual space

The world's top 100 universities in 2013

Extensive database of the research dissertations

Academicroom is a social platform for science practitioners. It is a multi-functional social network, where scientists, researchers, students can create their own pages, to enter into an interactive communication with colleagues and friends, receive, transfer and distribute a comprehensive scientific information, to register and receive regular scientific news from preferred field.

Free Online Courses Offered by Top Universities

26 medical journals of publication of "Mediasphere".

Human rights in medical science

PhD dissertations from around the world.

Website of information exchange among scientists and researchers.


20 Best Free Websites to Find Scholarships

Web of Knowledge-resources позволяет нам быстро находить и анализировать соответствующую информацию точных и различных социальных наук.

Free Online Classes at Coursera. Courses are provided in the field of medicine also

Ability to download medical books and lectures

The unique stories of experts, researchers and graduate students in the field of science.

Free online courses in the field of medicine

Providing information on scientific publishers

Online accessibility of more than 8000 medical informational resources.

Provision of basic knowledge about human biology.

Provision of information and support on innovative research and development projects and creating networks.

Online access to electronic publications and subscription to the complete articles

Publishing of online magazines in the field of science, medicine and technology.

Providing information for researchers in the field of medicine.

Collection of medical databases.

Providing information on medical area.

Provision of psychological knowledge.

Providing of journals in biological and natural sciences area.

Providing of medical books.

Providing necessary information for doctors and patients.

Providing information on library services.

Providing of Russian language literature, particles and books.

One of the leading publishers of medicine.

Providing information on the biological sciences.

Provision of British medical journals.

Providing information on high quality health.

Provision of Russian medical journals.

Collection of scientific journals.

Russian information portal.

Provides information on the Black Sea countries cooperation in the field of education.

Contains more than 3750 medical journals and articles.

Biomedical archive.

Medical Publisher, which contains numerous magazines and articles.

Free medical journals collection.

Consultant for physicians.

Free access to the collection of journals and articles.

Journals and articles published in medical area.

Archive of books, articles, journals, publications, students and staff of the University of Tasmania.

Yale University's free trainings by site.

Implemented lectures on field of medicine in Columbia.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides online educational materials.

Provides courses on neurology.

Provides information about evidence-based medicine

Oxford Reference Online

Oxford English Dictionary Online

The Oxford Textbook of Medicine Online

BioOne provides access to a full-text database of current scholarly research in the biological, ecological and environmental sciences.