1. Articles should have a high scientific and educational-tutorial level, identify the modern problems in the field of medicine, highlight the content and experience of scientific-pedagogical and clinical work of specialists, as well as provide informative and practical advice.
  2. The article is submitted to editors in Armenian, Russian or English, together with the summary within 150-20 words (with names of author(s), institution and keywords): a) if the article is in Armenian, then the summary is in Russian and English b) if the article is in English, then the summary is in Armenian, Russian and English; c) if the article is in Russian, the summary is in Armenian and English
  3. Attached to the article are: a) a cover letter (referral) from the head of the department of the University, and in case another Institution represents the article, the cover letter is from the Head of the Institution; b) in cases of a "discovery" or an "innovational proposal", a certified copyright copy or a certificate shall be submitted.
  4. The article is submitted in two copies, i.e. its printed form on an A4 paper size(210 x 297 mm), as well as its electronic carrier; the font of the article in Armenian is Arianamu, in English and Russian languages - TimesNewRoman; the font size (letters size) - 12pt; the spacing between lines is 1; word wrap is not allowed.
  5. The volume of the article, including tables, figures, references and a summary should be from 5 to 15 pages. The volume of topical and review (summary) articles should be from 8 to 25 pages.
  6. The first page of the article includes: UDC, the title of the article, the initials of names and patronymic names, the surname of the author (s), the name of the institution, where the work was performed, and the key words (5-8). An asterisk marks the author, with who the correspondence is maintained. The author's postal address, e-mail and telephone numbers are indicated at the end of the first page.
    The article should include: relevance of the topic, purpose of the research, material and methods, results, discussion, the list of references and summaries (in 2 languages). If tests need to be performed on animals, the Committee on Bioethics should provide permission based on the following justification: “The study was approved by the Institutional Committee on Bioethics and complies with the principles of the Guidelines on care and use of animals under study”. In case the studies are performed on people, the following statement should be “The research is approved by the Institutional Committee on Bioethics and it complies with the principles defined in the Helsinki Declaration”.
  7. The signatures of the author and the collaborators with their position and scientific degree should be mentioned at the end of the article.
  8. Formulas in the article should be typed in the Microsoft Eqation, and the chemical formulas should be typed by the appropriate editors. Illustrations (photos, maps, etc.) should have a density of at least 3 Mpx and be presented in a digital electronic version. The illustration number is indicated under each illustration. Tables must be typed in Microsoft Word. Tables and graphs are not accepted in the form of figures, they must be typed in Microsoft Excel. In the article, the references to tables and figures, including their respective numbers, are indicated in parentheses in corresponding places in the text.
  9. The References should be indicated on a separate page at the end of the article, in accordance with the requirements (no more than 30 sources should be indicated, and in the summary (review) article the number of sources should be no more than 90). References should first indicate local and then foreign authors in an alphabetic order. In English language articles, the foreign-language literature sources are translated into English and the original language is indicated in brackets, for example (Russian). 

The list of referent literature is made up as follows: 

a) For books - the author’s surname, initials of the name and patronymic name, the full title of the book, place of publication, publishing house, year of publication, number of pages should be indicated. 

b) For journal articles - the author’s surname, initials of the name and patronymic name, the full title of the article, the accepted abbreviations of the title of the journal, the volume, the journal or release number, the year of publication, the first and the last pages of the article should be indicated. 

c) For articles published in books (collections) - the author’s surname, initials of the name and patronymic name, the full title of the article in the book (in the book “......”), the title of the book in which the article is published, the publisher, and the first and last page should be indicated. 

d) For dissertations and abstracts - the author’s surname, initials of the name and patronymic name, the accepted abbreviation of the dissertation title (for example: dissertation/ abstract for a candidate’s degree of biological sciences), the city, institution where it was defended, the year, the number of pages should be indicated. The text references are indicated in square brackets, in accordance with the numbering in the list of references. 

10. It is not allowed to submit articles sent for publication in other journals or already published articles.  

11. The person can be the author of no more than one article in the same journal.  

12 The articles not accepted for publication are returned only at the request of the author.