The article submitted to the editorial staff is subject to preliminary examination. If the uselessness of the submitted material is justified, then the article is initially rejected.

If there are flaws related to the content or technical flaws, the article is returned to the author to correct them, after which the article is submitted for review by a specialist in the relevant field.

The review should reflect the relevance, novelty, adequacy of the methods used, the evaluation of the findings, as well as possible deficiencies to be corrected by the author.

After correction of all the flaws, the article is again reviewed by the editors and approved for publication. The date of publication of the article depends on the date of adoption of the final version of the article. The article is accepted and reviewed for no more than 2 months. In case of a negative opinion, the author is provided with one copy of the review and the rejection to publish the article. If the author does not agree with this opinion, he will apply to the editor in writing for a second review. If the second review does not correspond to the first one, then the article is sent to the third specialist for review, after which the final decision is made.