The YSMU Science Coordination Council has been established and is functioning with the aim of planning and coordination of scientific-research activities of the Medical University.


  • Consideration and approval of scientific directions and scientific programs of the University
  • Consideration and approval of themes, current and summarizing reports of the Scientific-Research Center of the University
  • Recommendation and consideration of applications of PhD and higher doctorate students
  • Consideration and approval of dissertation abstracts of PhD students, conduct of preliminary expertise and approval of conclusions
  • Consideration of dissertation implementation and results
  • Consideration and recommendation of applications of drafts for publications or competition (by University staff), monographs, scientific, scientific-methodical handbooks, inventions, business trips and other such applications
  • Consideration and approval of reports about implementation process of scientific projects which are financed by the RA State budget approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia
  • Coordination of activities of Young Scientists Council and Student Scientific Society
  • Consideration and approval of scientific conferences and other scientific events 

The Science Coordination Council Staff (PdF)  

The Expertise Committees of the Science Coordination Council: 

1. Theoretical Medicine

2. Gynecology, Obstetrics and Oncology

3. Surgery

4. InternalDiseases

5. Dentistry, ORLandEyeDiseases

6. Public Health and Health Care Arrangement

7. Neurology, Psychology and Narcology, Medical Psychology

8. Committee of Expertise of scientific projects containing classified information

9. Committee of review of primary documents, material and methods

10. Ethics Committee