The development of research activities, integration in international cooperation, involvement and coordination of grant programs for the benefit of science rejuvenation and internalization and also the insurance of the competitiveness of research projects are carried out by the departments, research groups and staff of the Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi.


The systemization of YSMU faculties, the department chairs, the scientific departments as well as the Scientific Coordination Council, the Expert Committees, the Council of Young Scientists and the Students’ Scientific Corporation. 


Research administration:

  • The approval and development of YSMU chairs research projects.
  • YSMU Scientific-Research centre activity support and research projects coordination.
  • Scientific- Educational Council and Expert Committee administration.
  • Coordination of various projects financed within the state budget and different competitions organized by The Ministry of Education and Science of RA, organization of project applications, current and final project activity reporting.
  • Project activity analysis and reporting.
  • Organization of scientific seminars and webinars.
  • Organization of scientific events and lectures.
  • Support in organization of competitive scientific projects, organizing and coordinating the participations in competitions.
  • «Facility scientific passport" project system coordination.
  • The implementation and development of Medical University project in perspective of gaining the status of research university. 

Ensuring of Scientific-medical information 

  • Providing of scientific- medical activity information flow.
  • Managing of scientific activity information flow.
  • Support in publications of articles in international periodicals.
  • Providing information on scientific achievements of university employees.
  • Operation of a dynamic database of email addresses.
  • Support in scientific and medical literature search.
  • Technical support in registration processes of scientific thesis.
  • Assistance in selecting and applying statistical methods. 

Research personnel training and qualification 

  • Preparatory work organization with PhD students.
  • Organization of postgraduate examinations.
  • Organization of 3rd degree educational projects.
  • Arrangement of credit courses.
  • Organization of current and final certification and qualification exams.
  • Organization of scientific topics, dissertation theme discussions and expertise. 

 Support in Grant projects

  • Support in YSMU research grant projects and scientific cooperation.
  • Providing a framework for the development and expansion of international scientific cooperation.
  • Searching for grant projects, development of information delivery.
    • Research projects.
    • Expansion of scholarship programs and vocational skills.
    • Participation in conferences and seminars.
    • Summer schools and other youth forums.
    • Exchange programs.
    • Achievements and other news in the field of medical science.
  • Development of «Scientific projects and the schools for young scientists» research project, grant management and program implementation.
  • Organization of distance learning courses and informative seminars for grants.

The YSMU scientific- research activity strategy development. 

Necessary forms.