Study visit to Valencia University

November 5-9, 2019


On November 5-9, the second study visit of MINERVA project was held at Valencia University attended by the project partner universities from Armenia, Moldova and EU member states.

The meetings began with a unique welcoming speech by the Vice-Rector for Culture and Sport, Professor Antonio Ariño Villarroya at La Nau Cultural Center of Valencia University.

During the first workshop, research and innovation officers Rosario García Perez and Veronica Struch told how they implemented the HR4SR. Library director Rosario Garcia presented the platform of open science articles and researcher’s program structure then introduced the capabilities of Roderic online database at the Valencia University.

The second day of the study visit was particularly devoted to the technological problems of open science. The speakers introduced the role of information technologies in the management of student, researcher, professor affairs at Valencia University.

Then a meeting was held dedicated to the University library service, where the whole structure of the library, as well as the full scope and content of the work with researchers was presented. The second day's work was summarized by a discussion of IT professionals, during which the IT representatives from the institutions of Moldova and Armenia discussed the software package needed to build university repositories.

The last workshop was held at the Scientific Park of Valencia University, where Remedios Melero, IATA-CSIC researcher, DOAJ editor and a member of the scientific committee of Redalyc and SciElo electronic libraries in Spain spoke about the national and European processes of exploiting research data and metadata.

Rector’s delegate for mobility Esteban Sanchis summed up the study visit. He emphasized the importance of open science for today’s scientific community and wished everyone successful implementation of the project.