On December 1, 2020 an online monitoring visit was organized on the initiative of the Erasmus + office in Armenia. The purpose of the meeting was to study the implementation of the ARMDOCT program. YSMU Project Coordinator, Vice-Rector for Science, Professor Konstantin Yenkoyan, Erasmus + Office Project Coordinator Lana Karlova, Erasmus + Office Project Manager Ani Torosyan, all YSMU representatives involved in the Project were on the platform.

At the beginning of the meeting YSMU coordinator Konstantin Yenkoyan presented the staff and their activities in work packages. Then, staff member, responsible for administrative work Kima Ghulyan presented the work done within the framework of the project during the year.

Yenkoyan also spoke in detail about the obstacles and difficulties that arose during the implementation of the program, which are mainly conditioned by COVID-19 and the war, as he presented suggestions on the work of the project and his vision to improve the process.

Erasmus + Office Project Coordinator Lana Karlova came up with improvements.