The Young Scientists Council (YSC) was founded in 2006-2007 in Yerevan State Medical University. The major goal of the Council is to provide, support and stimulate efficient scientific, creative and educational process of undergraduates, postgraduates, residents and interns.

Since its inception the YSC has brought forward a number of objectives going as follows:

  • Revealing talented scientists and sustain the further development of their intellectual capacities
  • Revealing talented students and enrolling them in the activities undertaken by YSC
  • Supporting scientific-research activities of young faculty, postgraduate students and residents and integrate them in international youth scientific organizations
  • Providing the young scientists with relevant information necessary for research
  • Dissemination (in Armenia and abroad) of the information concerning the latest achievements of modern science and technology and the outcome of workings fulfilled by young scientists
  • Developing innovative and more productive methods for working with creative youth representatives to facilitate their further integration in University research projects, continuation of research activities, contribution of young professionals to the development of sciences