Varduhi Poghosyan


1994 - econdary school after A. Myasnikyan
2001- YSMU, Faculty of Pediatrics, Pediatrician

Date of birth

10.05.1977, Yerevan

Work experience - 2012-up to present Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, YSMU
2011- up to present Vice dean of the faculty of General Medecine of YSMU
2003-2012 Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, YSMU
2001-2006 Researcher at the laboratory of Cerebral Blood Flow, YSMU
2001- 2003 Senior Laboratory Assistant at the Department of  Pharmacology, YSMU

Scientific experience – PhD thesis «The Quantitative Changes of Catecholamines and Serotonin in the Different Structures and Vessels of Brain under the Conditions of Hypokinesia and under the Influence of Nootropic Drugs», Yerevan, 2011

Memberships – Member of Armenian Pharmacology Society (comprised IUPHAR),
Member of Armenian Association of Biochemists (comprised FEBS)
Qualifications – «Modern analytical techniques in quality control of drugs and pharmaceuticals», India, 2003
Teacher Training Courses, Yerevan, 2004, 2014

Personal information – marriesd, has 3 children