It is a new approach to the scientific process: it transforms the standard practices of publishing research results in scientific publications towards sharing and using all available knowledge of all stage in the research process.

There are a lot of definition of Open Science: most typically it is about the way research process and its results are disseminated, deployed and transformed by digital tools and online networks. 

YSMU recognizes the role of proper data management policy both for scientific purposes and for services to society.


The OS practice at YSMU was initiated in frames of Erasmus+ MINERVA project (STRENGTHENING RESEARCH MANAGEMENT AND OPEN SCIENCE CAPACITIES OF HEIS IN MOLDOVA AND ARMENIA) which aims to develop conditions for the implementation of the core principles of Open Science at universities in Moldova and Armenia. 

Being the leading state medical institution in Armenia with an increasing research profile and international outreach, YSMU has been strongly committed to supporting open access principles by taking a number of quality improvement measures in education and research over the recent years. This implies that elements of openness and transparency of scientific knowledge have been partially implemented in the University. However, such kind of initiatives need legal basis and regulated approach in order to ensure sustainability and stronger impact in the field. 

Through MINERVA we recognize the importance and advantages of open science, open innovation, and openness to the world as one of the main research and innovation strategies of the European Research Area. We also realize that joining the Berlin Declaration is an essential undertaking on the road to strengthening open science capacities within YSMU.  It ensures YSMU’s interactive representation in the international research environment.


Open institutional repositories are the mainstay of Europe’s Open Science policies which come to ensure that access to scientific progress is not limited to a specific group of stakeholders.


MEDERIK is the open repository of YSMU which provides access to publicly funded research outputs.


MEDERIC is a reliable system for archiving YSMU’s research results that will become intellectual property of the University and will be available to everyone and everywhere. It will

  • improve  personal rating of the researchers, as well as institutional rating of the University in the global information environment
  • increase competitiveness, visibility and impact of scientific research results at national and international level
  • expand access to institutional scientific research results
  • increase the transparency of the University research activity and facilitating scientific communication
  • increase citations of researchers’ publications
  • increase motivation of authors in the process of archiving their publications
  • establish a system for controlling publications and authors according to different criteria (faculties, chairs, articles, number/index of citations etc.)

For more information visit MINERVA project webpage and the MEDERIC Repository webpage